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Abstract Series
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Particolare #1
Particolare #2
Particolare #6
Pied Beauty #1 Pied Beauty #2 Pied Beauty #3 Pied Beauty #6
Red Landscape #1 Red_Landscape #2

Red Landscape #3

Red Landscape #4
Peculiar Poetry #16     Red Landscape #5


Abstract Statement

  Whether  a particular piece is representational or abstract in nature, I work in a collage-like manner.  The layers which result from overlapping of forms,lines, and fabrics are  of particular concern to me,creating a sense of mystery and depth. The coloring and patterning of the fabric is an essential element in my attempt to achieve this goal; the uneven and serendipitous results contribute to the spontaneity and expressiveness of the work, even though the composition may be planned in advance.

Price range for these and similar quilts: $2500.-$3500.


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